Welcome to your first step toward healing.

"Healing is a process of learning to love yourself more." --Summer Albayati


Welcome to my website.  I am happy you are here.  I know you landed here for a reason and I hope that same reason means you will stay awhile.  Whenever a person embarks on a journey, it can be scary.  Think about the first time you went on an airplane.  It wasn't easy, right?  You probably had a whole tummy filled with butterflies.  Taking a first step toward healing and wholeness can feel a lot like that first flight.  You learn all you can about airplanes, you think about all the possibilities that await you with that flight.  Then you experience the bumps and elevator like feelings as the airplane descends at your final destination.  Think of spiritual healing as a journey that takes you on an airplane ride.  And as soon as you reach your final destination, the world is yours to explore.  So come and enjoy my website.  If you like what you see, perhaps we will discover your destiny together.

Blessings and love,


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"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." --Rumi

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